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Hesinde bless you and welcome to Wiki Aventurica
Wiki Aventurica is a bibliography and a platform for further projects which are dedicated to the roleplaying game "The Dark Eye". Its contents may be copied and spread freely. For further information take a look at the licence regulations. At the moment it includes 38 English articles. New authors are always welcome to contribute.


Note: Because there are presently only few English articles, this site will give you an overview of the existing ones. If you want to search an article via the search bar, you have to prepend an en: (e.g. en:Aventuria).

How to contribute
It is important to know that Wiki Aventurica is no internet encyclopaedia (unlike Wikipedia). Instead it is something like an almost freely workable homepage, which is intended as a bibliography and an platform for ideas for all friends of the roleplaying game "The Dark Eye". Please have a look at the guidelines.

If you are new to working in a wiki, we have some introductory words and a little tutorial for you.

Please feel free to start new English language articles (please note that if you want to create an English article please prepend an En: to each article name for the time being). Please also help to translate our existing articles corresponding to the English language versions of The Dark Eye and/or Realms of Arkania. You do not need to care about administrative things, the Wiki Aventurica team will do that for you. If you want to use style sheets or templates, you will find them here.

If you have questions or need help of any kind, please feel free to post on talkpages (e.g. talk pages) or in our own sub forum at DSA4.de (registration required).

Overview of available categories
Overview of important articles